Tipsa announces the new generation of VinoTEC, its wine management platform based on Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform technology

The solution represents a technological leap for wineries, which can decide where to host the solution, how to license it, and how to configure it through multiple apps.

Business path, commitment and recognized specialization

Our alliance with the wine industry is clear. We strive every day to be an active part of its value chain. VinoTEC applications are certified by Microsoft and are available on its marketplace.

Expertise on wine management with Microsoft solutions

Tipsa, a Spanish company that specializes in business management, collaboration, analysis, and productivity solutions for wineries and wine cooperatives, announces the availability of the latest evolution of its VinoTEC application ecosystem. The management platform covers end-to-end business processes, enriched by Microsoft 365 collaboration and productivity tools. VinoTEC provides a layer of advanced data analysis and AI utilities, and the solution is ready to be extended with ad-hoc applications developed with Microsoft Power Platform from a common data model.

“We have been developing software solutions for the wine sector for more than 25 years to address its digital transformation with the security of tools adapted to the specifics of its business processes. Microsoft provides innovative and proven technology for the development of VinoTEC as a robust ecosystem of management, collaboration, data analysis, and productivity applications,” said Andrés Sáenz, VinoTEC Communication Manager.

“Our platform’s latest evolution, based on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, represents a qualitative leap. It coordinates all of the processes required by the wine business in a single ecosystem, connecting them to achieve fluid and secure data traffic that helps wine sellers make decisions with confidence. Its possible deployment in software as a Service (SaaS) means that VinoTEC is up to date and in compliance with security and privacy regulations in all business processes and data.”

Modern technologies for changing businesses

VinoTEC uses new development technology to provide a modern and intuitive web interface familiar to Microsoft 365 users: highly visual, easy to learn, and designed for fluid teamwork. Through extensions and apps, VinoTEC offers a secure, scalable, and fully customizable winery management solution.

Connect and streamline business processes

“The growing complexity of processes that companies carry out, whether administrative, productive or executive, motivates wineries and other businesses to bet on solutions that break down information silos among applications, streamline operations, provide visibility into the state of the business, simplify decision-making through data analysis, and promote collaborative work environments,” said Kurt Juvyns, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“Tipsa, with its new generation of VinoTEC, is among the innovators combining the potential of Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps) to bnefit their customers.”

Grow your business as you need

VinoTEC is ready to be configured through enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, wine tourism, digital marketing, and e-commerce applications.

Existing customers of VinoTEC solutions will be provided a transition plan to adopt the new version, and they can choose the deployment option (remain on-premises or migrate to the cloud) and licensing model (purchase or subscription) that suits them best.

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